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PC Games

Gute Ports, schlechte Ports - Zehn misslungene PC-Umsetzungen
PC Games
Borderlands - Während sich die zwei folgenden Teile kaum kritisieren lassen, wunderten sich PC-Spieler des Originals über die altertümliche Menüführung, die an Microsoft Word 98 erinnerte. Und selbst dort konnten Anwender mit einem Mausrad durch ...

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Slate Magazine (blog)

Microsoft Word Spells the Names of Game of Thrones Characters Better Than ...
Slate Magazine (blog)
Surprisingly, Microsoft Office's spell-checker recognizes the names of virtually every Game of Thrones character, major and minor alike. Historian Greg Jenner, who first called attention to this oddity on Twitter, shrugged it off with a simple, “who ...

New York Daily News

Jurors in Etan Patz case allowed to use Microsoft Word and Excel during ...
New York Daily News
Jurors in the Etan Patz murder case received permission Thursday to use Microsoft Word and Excel as they continue deliberating murder charges against Pedro Hernandez. The panel of five women and seven men began weighing the fate of Hernandez on ...

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How to create a watermark in Microsoft Word
Watermarking in all versions of Microsoft Word is an incredibly useful feature for communicating the business nature and constraints of a document. The most common examples are to indelibly mark a document as confidential, private or draft. As ...


Never miss a word with Microsoft OneNote 2013's synced audio notes
Most of us hate meetings: They're boring, long, and chew up your workday. And it's even worse when everyone leaves a meeting with different memories of what was said, forcing another meeting. Microsoft's OneNote can help solve that problem by finding ...

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Ars Technica

Microsoft's Office 365 “lockbox” gives customers last word on data access
Ars Technica
One of the concerns that keeps many companies from adopting software-as-a-service for e-mail and other collaboration services has been the issue of who has control over the security of the content. Today at the RSA Conference, Microsoft is announcing ...

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The Australian Financial Review

Mistakes to avoid in Microsoft Word, which you really should know by now
The Australian Financial Review
No wonder Microsoft is working on a new usability feature that lets users ask Word to take over tasks for them. But more news about Office 2016 later. We could make every office a better place, without even an improved version of Word, by following a ...

SB Nation

The rumored new Clippers' logo REALLY looks like Clippy from MS Word
SB Nation
... for a second about how the new logo looks EXACTLY like a paper clip? You know, the kind of paper clip you might find in Microsoft Word circa 1998, the kind of Microsoft Word that Clippers' own Steve Ballmer was responsible for. Need more help ...

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Microsoft: Änderungen in Word nachverfolgen
Microsofts Textverarbeitung Word ist mit einer Funktion ausgestattet, mit der sich Änderungen nachvollziehen lassen. Die Funktion "Änderungen verfolgen" erleichtert die Zusammenarbeit an Dokumenten, ob im Beruf, im Studium oder beim Schreiben von ...

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Microsoft Word mit zuletzt verwendetem Dokument öffnen
Mit Microsoft Word könnt ihr das zuletzt verwendete Dokument direkt vom Desktop aus öffnen. Mit einem kleinen Trick funktioniert das, bevor das Programm überhaupt gestartet wird. In unserer Anleitung zeigen wir beide Varianten.

A tutorial video explaining how to make a basic book cover using Microsoft Word 2013 that I made for my finals. Sorry for any imperfections in this video. This is the first tutorial video...
Views: 67961
572 ratings
Time: 19:36 More in Howto & Style
The tutorial covers: Getting started with Word Defining and using styles to format a document Inserting clipart, shapes and tables Inserting SmartArt Inserting drop caps and textboxes Document...
Views: 222186
933 ratings
Time: 01:38:38 More in Education
This is a basic introduction to Microsoft Word 2013. In this tutorial learn about the Interface, tabs/ribbons, create your own custom tabs, learn to enter, edit and delete text. Learn about...
Views: 31521
129 ratings
Time: 31:29 More in Education
In this video learn to create forms using Control buttons in Microsoft Word. Create forms with fields to fill in details, a date picker, a picture placeholder and also combo or list box for...
Views: 98378
363 ratings
Time: 17:59 More in Education
Bueno youtuberos el Microsoft Word 2013 lo encontrarais total mente gratis en mi sitio web. Mi sitio web : http://elpapillonava.webpin.com Microsoft Word 2013 es el procesador de textos...
Views: 362252
1053 ratings
Time: 01:20 More in Science & Technology
Setting up Heading formatting and numbering as well as tables of contents for Scientific reports, documents and Theses This is part of a series of tutorials designed to help research scientists...
Views: 154485
506 ratings
Time: 13:26 More in Howto & Style
Part 01 of 13. Complete Microsoft Word 2007 Basic Level 1 tutorial from WordLearningZone.com. In this lesson: Starting Word, Parts of the Word Interface, Ribbon Changes with Window Size, Title...
Views: 539966
585 ratings
Time: 04:08 More in Education
In this video I show you how to write a lean mean résumé using Microsoft Word. Yes I am aware of the Reward/ing. error.
Views: 213784
857 ratings
Time: 19:12 More in Howto & Style
Abonnez-vous à ma chaîne: http://bit.ly/1gRMpk3 Lien pour les commentaires : http://pros-souris.fr/BLOG/cours-formation-microsoft-word/ Malgré la facilité d'utilisation apparente de Microsoft...
Views: 52780
140 ratings
Time: 33:30 More in Science & Technology
This video shows how to make a simple, fast resume in Microsoft Word 2010. This would also work in 2007 or 2013. It's important to have a well-structured, professional resume when applying...
Views: 467635
2068 ratings
Time: 12:40 More in Education
http://www.nexstara.com IT Consultants give basic users an introduction on how to use Microsoft Word 2010.
From: Nexstara
Views: 117251
367 ratings
Time: 10:30 More in Science & Technology
http://davidbuenov.blogspot.com. Este tutorial pretende orientar a alumnos universitarios o de cualquier otro nivel para que aprendan a hacer un uso correcto del procesador de textos Microsoft...
Views: 339404
633 ratings
Time: 10:01 More in Education
In this part 1 video learn most of the important question for a Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Exam test. This tutorial covers the buttons under File/Office Button, Home (tab), Insert (Tab) - cover...
Views: 158538
516 ratings
Time: 30:46 More in Education
http://www.desktoppublishingbusiness.com -- Make a Flyer, Make a Flyer Using Word, How to Make a Flyer, How to Design a Flyer.
From: dtpbiz
Views: 610225
1440 ratings
Time: 12:00 More in Science & Technology
Part 2 covers the rest of the Tab/Ribbons under Insert (Chart, Table formula, Hyperlink, Bookmark, WordArt, symbols, equations), Page Layout (Themes, Breaks, Page Setup, Columns), References...
Views: 51123
213 ratings
Time: 30:08 More in Education
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowtech Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowtech Creating a poster with Microsoft Word will require careful use of the...
From: eHowTech
Views: 61694
126 ratings
Time: 03:51 More in Science & Technology
Abonnez-vous à ma chaîne: http://bit.ly/1gRMpk3 Lien pour les commentaires : http://pros-souris.fr/BLOG/cours-formation-microsoft-word/ Malgré la facilité d'utilisation apparente de Microsoft...
Views: 149707
347 ratings
Time: 32:19 More in Science & Technology
There's people who know Word, and there's people who think they know Word. Here's a slow-paced How-To Series that demystifies Microsoft Word and Office and helps YOU join the folks who ...
Views: 17158
486 ratings
Time: 18:34 More in Howto & Style
Microsoft Word 2010 Tutorial for Beginners | Microsoft Word Basic Tutorial I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
Views: 98086
170 ratings
Time: 24:16 More in Education
APOSTILA: http://www.slideshare.net/mateuspeinado/apostila-informtica-16810529 Inicio ao Pacote Office. Inscreva-se, se gostou marque Like. :D Contato: mateus.conceicao@hotmail.com ...
Views: 65911
842 ratings
Time: 06:53 More in Education
Format a page using tables.
Views: 107483
83 ratings
Time: 10:13 More in Education
In this tutorial I discuss some tricks for speeding up your work, adding extra function to Word, and I through in some tips most people don't know about.
Views: 146764
188 ratings
Time: 08:14 More in Howto & Style
A basic overview of the features found in the 2010 version of Microsoft Word related to features, tabs and ribbon items. Having difficulty hearing try this video: http://youtu.be/yRygpuAoDPM.
Views: 44029
70 ratings
Time: 23:54 More in Education
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